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250 3rd Avenue North
North Loop, MN, 55401


Jeromeo is a unique wellness center and shop that specializes in antiques, handmade jewelry, art, artifacts, pure essential oils, and wellness services including massage therapy and yoga.

Massage therapists

Meet our massage therapists.

Scott Johnson

Scott is well trained at a variety of massage techniques, specializing in deep tissue body work. Very intuitive and caring, he has been doing body work for over 20 years. Well-versed in essential oils, he creates handmade blends and body oils from 100% pure essential oils. Scott also makes one-of-a-kind jewelry under Jeromeo Designs. Scott is at the shop or body clinic every day of the week, unless he is on a trip someplace exotic to find fantastic treasures to bring back to Minneapolis.


Thomas Busch

Thomas studied massage therapy at Aveda Institute Minneapolis. He is passionate about healing the mind, body, and soul through integrative therapy. Thomas is well versed in Swedish, prenatal, and deep tissue massage. Sports massage, foot reflexology, trigger point therapy, and Thai massage are just some of the other modalities he enjoys utilizing. Along with therapeutic bodywork, Thomas is also passionate about yoga, meditation, crystal healing, herbal medicine, reiki and other forms of energetic healing. His free time is spent practicing yoga, studying reiki, or connecting with nature.


Andreya Roux

Andreya is a graduate of Aveda Institute Minneapolis who believes wholeheartedly in the power of holistic healing and therapeutic massage. Her style combines a variety of techniques including deep tissue, Swedish, trigger point therapy, stretching/movement and reflexology. Using fluidity and symmetry to create a relaxed state within the body and mind while targeting the areas of concern, she aims to connect clients with themselves physically and emotionally leaving them feeling deeply relaxed, grounded and ushering the body's natural healing process along. Andreya enjoys spending time with her son, being outdoors and learning about naturopathy.  


Emily Larson

Emily attended Aveda Institute Minneapolis. There, she become well versed in Swedish, prenatal, deep tissue, trigger point, and foot reflexology massage. She is fond of all these techniques and incorporates them into her massages, customizing each to fit the client's needs. She also brings her intuition to the table, to further assist her client's healing process. In her free time, she is furthering her knowledge of holistic healing, such as Reiki, crystal healing, Qigong, acupuncture, as well as different massage techniques.