Welcome to our beautiful yoga sanctuary!

At Jeromeo, we specialize in event and private classes. Our intimate class setting is perfect for beginners and experienced yoga practitioners alike. Our highly skilled, experienced instructors pride themselves on connecting with each student to guide them in their individual practice. Please bring a yoga mat and any props (e.g., blocks, straps) you typically use to class. We have a limited number of mats and props available free of charge.

Class descriptions

Hatha Yoga

In our hatha classes, you will take time to sink into each pose (asana) to increase your strength, flexibility, and endurance. Hatha offers a focus on alignment and breath (pranayama) that helps practitioners deepen their mind-body connection. These classes typically include a series of poses to open and strengthen all areas of your body in a safe, supported, and accessible way.

Hatha is many things: it is an ideal introduction to yoga and physical activity; a complement to vigorous athletic training; a component of holistic approaches to healing; and a method of detoxifying and restoring the body. All levels of experience are welcome in these classes.

Vinyasa Yoga

In our vinyasa classes, you will flow through a variety of challenging poses that will open and strengthen your muscles while deepening your mind-body connection. Vinyasa offers practitioners a vigorous experience, linking movement to breath in ways that push the range of motion, endurance, and stamina. These classes typically include a series of asanas and pranayama to build up internal heat in the body, a high-intensity flow for the majority of the class, and cool-down asanas to lead the body into the deep relaxation of sivasana (the final resting pose).

Vinyasa is an excellent form of yoga for anyone looking to increase their strength and flexibility, complement their other athletic endeavors, counteract repetitive stress on their bodies, or strengthen their personal yoga practice. Our vinyasa classes are suitable for practitioners at all levels of experience who desire a fast-paced yoga class.