Hestekin Pottery Show Fall 2017


Join us for our fall pottery show with Hestekin Pottery. Hundreds of new porcelain and stoneware pieces, all handmade by Hestekin Pottery will be on display and available for purchase. 


Saturday October 19th, 5:00-9:00 pm.
250 3rd Ave. N Minneapolis, MN

About the artist

Hestekin Pottery has been avidly creating pottery for fourteen years going on forty. In his studio at home, the artist processes clay by hand, produces all glazes from scratch, and throws his pots in a foot-powered treadle wheel he built himself. When the pots are dried and ready they're fired in a two-chambered neborigama kiln. The first chamber is gas powered, slowly heating the second chamber which is then fired with wood - each stoke a minute apart, each sliver of wood split by hand. Making gorgeous pieces of art that are functional as well as stunning is not a simple process. Come see the results for yourself and get to know this potter from the north woods. Perhaps a piece of Hestekin pottery will catch your fancy and end up on a shelf in your home!

Scott Johnson