Elaine Vandenburgh

Elaine fell in love with yoga in 2006 in a small Bikram yoga studio in a suburb of Washington D.C. What started out as a complement to running and strength training has quickly become a lifelong practice that has taken center stage. Each week she finds herself looking forward to the heat, the camaraderie of the yoga community, and the mindfulness that yoga provides. After moving back to Minneapolis in 2007, she switched up her practice and gravitated more towards the vinyasa style yoga classes. “Focusing on breath and movement is the joyful opposite of an out-of-body experience.” In 2014 she completed the vinyasa 200-hour teaching training at CorePower Yoga. 

Besides yoga, wine, philosophizing, and chocolate make her smile. She is always happy to connect with her 7-year-old self by taking a pit stop whenever she sees a lemonade stand on the side of the road. She invites yogis of all levels to continue on their yoga journey for a vinyasa class at Jeromeo.


Ali Wittmer

Ali works in the corporate world and began practicing yoga strictly for its physical benefits. After practicing for some time, she began to experience the spiritual and mental benefits that yoga provides. Thoughts of teacher training crossed her mind for a few years, and she finally took the plunge and began teacher training in 2014 at CorePower Yoga. She is also certified to teach restorative yoga. Whether the class is a vigorous vinyasa or gentle restorative, Ali teaches proper alignment and offers modifications so that you can meet your body where it is today.

Outside of her love of yoga, Ali enjoys being outside in nature, reading spiritual quotes and books, running, weight training, and gardening.


Lucas Delaney

Lucas began practicing yoga while attending college at UW-Stout, and thinking it might be an easy physical education credit he went into class not knowing how it would change his life. Lucas never thought of himself as strong or powerful or graceful, but once he began to practice yoga regularly he found that those qualities became more evident within himself, both on and off the mat. In the spring of 2015, Lucas decided to further his own practice by signing up for CorePower Yoga’s teacher training. Once he started his journey through teacher training he quickly fell in love with being in front of a class and helping his students move through the asanas.

In his own practice he is always surprised and delighted by those "aha moments"the moments when someone is in a posture they have been doing for years, struggling, and then they hear the cue or get an adjustment that entirely transforms the pose. Being able to do that for othersmoving a room of people and seeing their lives change through yogais truly the most rewarding experience for Lucas.